Best Guitar Strings? (A review of some sorts)

So you are looking buy new guitar strings huh?Guitar strings

Finally! Lord knows it’s about time! How long has it been since last time? 3-6 months perhaps? And if you are a bass player(lets be honest) probably a year or two.

And what I’m about to tell you will most definitely not shock you. You got to change your guitar strings more often. I mean come on! There is no way you can get a crisp sound with a pair of strings that are old enough to be a toddler.

What guitar strings should I buy?

There are plenty of providers on the market. Just to name a few there are

Well then, which of the guitar string brands are best?

In my humble opinion, it’s elixir. Without a doubt. They last like ten times longer because of the special coating technology that I, quite frankly, don’t understand at all. But it doesn’t matter becasue they last longer and because of that, I’m satisfied.

Best guitar strings

But that’s just me…

It is important to remember that there really isn’t a very scientific answer to the question of: “Which Guitar Strings Are The Best?”. Just go with what you like, try out a few brands. What I did when I was trying to find “the right strings for me” was buying five different guitar string brands and try them out for a couple of weeks.

I’m thinking of doing a “What String Gauge Is Best For You?” post. Hit me up on my instagram(@eliashedlin) and let me know if that would be something you would be interested in.

See you around